Lily Sprayberry Is On The Map!

Hey y’all! Several of my readers have asked to learn more about Bramblett County Georgia, the fictional town where realtor Lily Sprayberry lives and solves crimes. So, I thought I’d start with a map of the town!

The map isn’t entirely true to form, but it was hard to fit everything in. I’m not a map maker, I’m a storyteller, so keep that in mind! For example, Abernathy Farm isn’t on a corner in town, but it’s that direction, so hopefully it’ll give you and idea of how the layout looks. By the way, same goes for the old Redbecker property.

Make sure you check out Millie’s. It’s the heart of town and everyone’s favorite place to go for a cup of coffee or a sweet tea.

What would you like to see in Bramblett County? It’s an old county and anything can show up in a book that wasn’t in the last one. Comment with your ideas!

4 Replies to “Lily Sprayberry Is On The Map!”

  1. Thank you for the visual map. It helps so much. I love Lily and her crazy cohorts. And, I am thankful that you are a storyteller and not a maker of maps. Blessings

  2. If you write a Christmas story, how about Christmas lights in the trees around the court house? I grew up in Harris County GA and they had 4 large magnolias in the town square and at Christmas they put colored light bulbs on them.

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