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The Angela Panther Mystery Series

Step into the world of a stay at home mother turned psychic medium, and join her gang of sleuths! Don’t be alarmed if her celestial super sleuth mother, Fran pokes fun at you, though! For my cozy readers, this series is a women’s sleuth mystery series, and not a cozy series. If you’re a straight cozy only reader, I recommend my other books, they’ll be more to your liking.

The Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Series

Meet Lily Sprayberry! Her knack for solving crimes in her small Southern town will keep you entertained and guessing! And the other characters, especially the older ladies, Henrietta and Bonnie, will make you laugh out loud and send your pets in search of a quite place!

The Chantilly Adair Psychic Medium Cozy Mystery Series

A bump on the head has this Southern woman seeing spirits and solving crimes. Don’t think it puts Chantilly Adair down for the count though. Instead of denying her new little quirk, she hits the ground running, and uses it to help her small town in any way she can.

The Pooch Party Cozy Mystery Series

Widow Missy Kingston is a dog lover and a mystery solver. A dog trainer and adoption volunteer at her town’s local shelter often gets Missy into hot water, and that hot water is usually homicide.

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