The Angela Panther Mystery Series

Meet Angela Panther, a stay at home mom turned psychic medium. With the help of her celestial super spirit mother, Fran and her best friend, Mel, Angela provides closure to those that need it, and solves a mystery or two.

Read the women sleuth Angela Panther mysteries in order.

Unfiished Business

Five Star Review on Amazon! “The whole plot about what Angela kind of gets forced into after her mother’s death was really good. The experiences she has are amazing. Her emotions are realistic and engaging. Angela is a well developed character with amazing relationships with her husband Jake and best friend Mel. Her realistic portrayal of life with a teenage daughter and a young son is great. The relationship with her Mom is hilarious as (is) her conversations with Mel. Super enjoyable and yet touching as well. I highly recommend this series.”

Stay at home wife and mother Angela Panther has a gift: she can talk to the dead. 

She just doesn’t know it. Yet. 

Long suppressed and forgotten, her gift resurfaces with the death of her mother. Angela considers it a curse, preferring to spend her life with the living, not dealing with the unfinished business of the dead.

But the dead, they couldn’t care less. 

They know she can resolve their unfinished business, and when they need help, it’s Angela they haunt.

As Angela reluctantly obliges the dead, her mother stays earthbound, refusing to go until her own unfinished business is handled; business she won’t discuss with her daughter. 

Business that involves Angela. 

Can Angela discover the truth behind her mother’s decision to stay, and if she does, will her heart survive?

Unbreakable Bonds

Five Star Amazon Review! “I can’t say enough about the realness of relationships between the characters. I laughed so much at different points at the dialogue, because I could hear it unfolding. I could hear myself or my friends/husband saying it. I could feel it hitting me if I heard my child say it.

The book flows quickly, as Angela encounters a variety of spirits. Friendly and heartbreaking alike. I remember looking at the clock at one point and going oh forget it, who needs sleep and making that decision to just finish the book because it was just that good.”

Reluctant psychic medium Angela Panther didn’t want her gift, and to teach her a lesson, the Universe cut her off. 

The dead still find ways to communicate; only Angela isn’t sure what the messages mean, or whom they’re from. 

Now her best friend suspects her husband of cheating and comes to Angela for help. The two concoct the perfect plan, but to make it work, they’ll need help from Angela’s mother. 

There’s only one problem. Her mother is dead. 

As the duo works to catch the cheater, Angela struggles to decipher messages she assumes are from her mother—messages that intensify in their urgency. 

Only the messages aren’t from Fran.

When she figures out the ghost’s identity, Angela realizes if she tells the truth, she’ll out herself and hurt her own family. 

But if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her connection to her mother forever. 

Now Angela must choose between the happiness of the spirit’s family and her fears of damaging her own.

Unbinidng Love

When Atlanta-based psychic medium-turned amateur sleuth Angela Panther teams up with her best friend Mel and celestial super sleuth—and Angela’s dead mother—Fran to help Detective Aaron Banner find a lost boy, the trio heads into ghostly territory they’ve never experienced.

The mob and magic aren’t part of the psychic medium handbook, and the trio’s not sure they’ll make it out of it alive.

Well, two of them anyway.

The Christmas Elf

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, in ways we least expect. 

In The Christmas Elf, An Angela Panther Mystery Holiday Short, psychic medium Angela Panther, her sidekick and best friend Mel, and celestial super sleuth Fran join forces to help a lost elf find its way back home.

Uncharted Territory

It’s one thing to get attitude from her teenagers, but when Angela Panther’s newest ghost in distress is an in-her-face, snarky teenage boy, the psychic medium lays down the law. 

When an unidentified fourteen-year-old boy takes a dive off an interstate overpass, to solve the case, Atlanta area detective Aaron Banner calls Angela to get the truth about his junior John Doe. 

Was it suicide or murder? 

The problem is, the spirit can’t remember who he was, or the night he died, and prefers Angela focus on an unknown energy.

Bright lights and the big city mean exciting times for Angela and her BFF Mel, but soon the duo ventures into the dark underbelly of Atlanta and come face-to-face with a gang of saggy-pantsed hoodlums ready to take them out. 

Will Angela and Mel discover the truth about the boy’s death and the unknown energy, and make it home alive, or wind up DOA on the slabs next to the junior John Doe? 

The Ghosts

When psychic medium Angela Panther dreams of an old abandoned mansion, she knows she’s been given a sign. A spirit needs her, and Halloween season or not; she’s determined to help. 

The place is haunted, and it’s her biggest job yet. When Angela, sidekick Mel and her celestial super sleuth Ma, Fran decide to help the lost souls inside the old mansion, they find something dark and dangerous, something they didn’t bargain for. 

Can the trio survive the danger lurking inside?

Unexpected Outcomes

When a frantic 911 call stumps a suburban Atlanta police department, psychic medium Angela Panther steps in to assist. 

The cops don’t even know if there’s a case, but Angela knows the young mother is dead. With the help of her best friend and celestial super sleuth mother, Angela sets out to find the truth but soon realizes things aren’t as they appear. 

Now Angela must choose between trusting her instincts or following the clues. 

If she chooses wrong, she won’t be crossing the dead over to the other side; she’ll be one of them. 

Undetermined Events

When the lines between this life and the afterlife cross, psychic medium Angela Panther discovers she may no longer be among the living. 

The Event

When a leprechaun appears two months after psychic medium Angela Panther nearly lost her life, she knows it’s the Universe sending a message. 

She just doesn’t know what that message is, nor does she care. 

Helping her best friend, Mel plan her St. Patrick’s Day wedding while secretly arming herself with the strength to handle whatever the Universe throws at her, Angela is again reminded that things aren’t always as they appear.

The Favor

A new psychic medium mystery novella featuring Angela, Fran, and Mel from the popular Angela Panther Mystery series!

People say a first love never dies, but psychic medium Angela Panther’s did, and now he won’t leave her alone. The dead ex-boyfriend needs a favor, and it’s a matter of life and death, just not his. 

Angela promises to help, but only if her ex swears to cross over when she does. 

Now Angela must rush to her home state, one filled with memories of family long gone, and race against the clock to turn a skeptic into a believer before another life tragically ends. 

The problem is, that skeptic wants nothing to do with her. 

Can Angela keep her promise, or will she be forever tethered to an ex that refuses to leave?

The Angela Panther Mystery Collection

Read Unfinished Business, Unbreakable Bonds and Uncharted Territory in one Kindle book!

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