The Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Series

Meet Lily Sprayberry. Selling homes is her career. Solving crimes, her calling.

Learn more about Bramblett County, Georgia and Lily’s friends by reading the series in order.

Deal Gone Dead

There’s money buried somewhere on Myrtle Redbecker’s property, and people are dying to find out where. 


When Bramblett County, Georgia’s number one realtor Lily Sprayberry finds her cantankerous older client dead on the kitchen floor, she lands herself smack dab in the middle of a long-running property battle and a one-hundred-year-old rumor. 

Lily made a promise to sell Myrtle’s land whether her client’s alive or not. But whoever wants that money doesn’t want the property to sell and will do whatever’s necessary to stop her. 

Can Lily keep her promise, or will she wind up another victim in this deal gone dead? 

Decluttered And Dead

Every time the Bramblett County Georgia body count rises, so does realtor Lily Sprayberry’s popularity. 
And these days, she’s very popular. 

When a member of her decluttering and staging class winds up dead, Lily takes it personally and sets out to find the killer.  

Saddled with guilt, she struggles to accept that the killer just might be someone from her past. 
The problem is figuring out who before the killer catches on. 

The Scarecrow Snuff Out

It fall, y’all and it’s time for the annual It’s Fall Y’all Festival in Bramblett County Georgia! 

And that’s a big deal! 

The It’s Fall Y’all Festival is the biggest festival in the tri-county area, and everyone in Bramblett County is geared up for a great time! 

Pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, a petting zoo, and of course, a good old-fashioned BBQ are just a few of the events scheduled at Abernathy Farm. 

But the big event, the one Lily Sprayberry is most excited about, is the haunted corn maze. 
When bad things happen to scarecrows scattered throughout the maze, county residents run screaming, threatening the success of the festival.

Determined to figure out what’s going on, Lily decides to check it out for herself and fears the corn maze just might actually be haunted. 

Signed, Sealed And Dead


As Bramblett County, Georgia realtor Lily Sprayberry preps for the annual community yard sale fundraiser, she discovers the body of the newly hired lacrosse coach lying in the high school gym.  

At first, all signs point to natural causes, but when Lily finds an empty syringe lying under the bleachers, the coroner decides the coach was murdered.  

Lily learns the coach wasn’t liked by the lacrosse parents, and when word got out about his murder, the state athletic association suspended the program entirely.

When a few of the lacrosse moms decide to take matters into their own hands, they threaten someone close to Lily—her county sheriff boyfriend and his reelection status–by bullying Lily. 

And soon, Lily’s had enough. As she searches for answers, she’s dragged deeper into an angry mob of high school sports parents all seeking revenge and gunning for their kids to sign with the most elite schools offering the best scholarships. 

And some of them are willing to do whatever it takes, including murder. 

When the killer figures out Lily is close to cracking the case, things take a dangerous turn, and Lily’s life is on the line. Can she save herself, or will she be the next victim in Bramblett County? 

Sleigh Bells & Sleuthing

Read about Lily’s Christmas Adventure and help save animals at the Good Fortune Farm Refuge in this holiday collection.

Bidding War Break-In


When Bramblett County Realtor Lily Sprayberry puts her deceased client’s townhome, the last in a sought after mixed-use development community, on the market, she winds up in the throes of a bidding war. 

Knowing a portion of the money will go to a scholarship in her client’s name, Lily schedules a realtor only open house to raise the bids even higher. But on the day of the event, she discovers the home’s been vandalized, and every potential offer is taken off the table. 

Someone is out to stop the sale, and ruin Lily in the process. 

With her reputation hanging by a thread and the community up in arms, Lily sets out to fix things, and lands right in the middle of a hot mess of vandalism, lies, theft, and cheating. Lily soon discovers that some people don’t want their secrets known, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep them under wraps. 

Open House Heist

Small town realtor Lily Sprayberry can’t catch a break.

You solve new murders and uncover old crimes,
but can you save someone from doing hard time?
To return what was lost, solve my riddle at all costs.
Travel back to ’83 and the murder of a girl from Forsyth County.

The note sat inside an empty lock box on the dining room table of Bramblett County realtor Lily Sprayberry’s open house listing. A lockbox that formerly contained an expensive coin collection she promised would remain safe. 

Lily knows the person that wrote the note meant it for her and knows she needs to do what it says to get the coin collection back. 

Determined to solve the thirty-six-year-old murder, Lily discovers the clues lead her to a possible killer she’d never suspect, someone near and dear to her heart.

Realtor Rub Out

Bramblett County Georgia realtor Lily Sprayberry’s brand new listing is a hit, just not the kind she expected. 

When Lily stops by the staged home, she finds the dead body of another realtor lying on the living room floor.  

With only a week until her destination wedding, and no leads, no potential suspects, and no possibility to leave the state until the murder is solved, Lily’s sheriff fiancé thinks they should postpone their nuptials. 

But that doesn’t work for the soon to be bride. Determined to find the killer in time to say I do, she does a little investigating herself. But the killer knows of Lily’s knack for solving crimes and sets his eyes on her. 

Now Lily must race against the clock and catch a killer before the killer gets to her first.

The Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Boxed Set Books 1 – 3

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